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Are you looking for a professional who will help you preserve your financial resources?   At Sally Sackett, CPA, we work closely with you to understand your financial goals and apply our knowledge and experience to enrich your life. Working in conjunction with a team of financial planners, we’ll maximize your investment earnings while optimizing your tax savings.

Let’s Get Started!

At Sally Sackett, CPA, we value the process as well as the outcome.  So in our initial consultation, we not only want to make sure we understand your needs and goals, we also want to make sure we’re the right partner to help you meet them. 

 We’ll start by having you fill out a short, pre-consultation questionnaire to help us to get to know you and your unique needs.  Then, we’ll schedule your free consultation to discuss how we might work together to achieve your goals.

How Can We Help?

We offer many different services to meet your tax planning and accounting needs. Whether you are a seasoned accountant or a “hands-off” kind of person, we’ll partner with you to achieve your financial goals!

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